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5 ml

Achieve a sun-kissed look with INGLOT’s light and easy-to-apply Cream Bronzer. Carefully selected bronze shades allow you to achieve the effect of tanned skin in seconds. The neutral shade 89 subtly highlights the skin tone, giving it a pleasant, natural finish. Shade 90, saturated with warmer pigments, brightens the skin and makes it radiant. Nicknamed Sunny, 88 gives the skin a warm, tanned shade.

The cream-based formula allows quick and easy application, so you can achieve a healthy suntanned effect on your skin with a few simple movements. An extra advantage is that the product can be applied in two different ways: the fine highlighting softly complements your makeup, while the stronger highlighting used in wet contouring provides a more defined effect.


  • Creamy texture
  • Easy and pleasant application
  • Velvety, natural finish
  • Instant sun-kissed effect
  • Precise and easy-to-use applicator
  • The formula spreads evenly on the skin
  • Buildable intensity
  • Ideal for wet contouring

Applying bronzers is very convenient thanks to the use of the applicator, which allows you to precisely mark selected parts of the face and perform contouring.

This collection is a harmony of timeless colors and pleasant, creamy formulas. The perfect finish, harmonizing colors and textures complete the look together, allowing you to create makeup that is always fresh, natural and beautiful.

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৳ 1,863.75৳ 3,727.50 (-50%)

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